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 Sóstó Zoo
Nyíregyházi Állatpark - Sóstó Zoo

Sóstó Zoo is situated in a distance of 5 kms from the city of Nyíregyháza, in the holiday resort of Sóstó, where the beach, the open air museum and the forest offer various recreational activities for the visitors. The Zoo is placed deep in an oak forest, in a natural, almost untouched environment. In the area of 35 hectares visitors are welcomed by so-called „continents”, which enable them to „walk round the Earth” and to observe how animals live in the different parts of the world.

Sóstó Zoo was established in 1998, in an area previously occupied by a leisure park. The purpose was the creation of such an animal exhibit that preserves the opportunities provided by the natural environment, and at the same time corresponds to the mission of modern Western European zoos. This is the reason why the rule of the year by year constructions was to build the enclosures and broaden the animal collection in a way that provides habitats complying with the European standards and the animal keeping principles of those days.

The profession of zoology, of course, develops during the years, therefore the Zoo undergoes a continuous transformation, and the obsolete keeping places are tried to be modernized or abolished. Consequently, visitors returning year by year can follow an ongoing renewal of Sóstó Zoo. Not only the enrichment of the animal collection is important, but also the creation of the best circumstances possible for the extant animals.

Sóstó Zoo is home to 500 species and more than 5000 specimens of the world’s diverse fauna, among which visitors have the opportunity to meet such amazing creatures as the white tiger, the African elephant, the Komodo dragon, the Indian rhinoceros, the polar bear, the sand tiger shark and the Western lowland gorilla. As a member of more than 50 species conservation programmes, Sóstó Zoo successfully breeds giraffes, cotton-top tamarins, Bornean orangutans, Bali mynahs and Amur tigers among others.

Green pyramid

A facility unique both in Hungary and the Central European region opened its gates to the public; the Green Pyramid including an Oceanarium and a Tropical Rainforest was constructed on 4000 square meters in a three-storey building. The underground floor of the Green Pyramid presents the fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean. Moving through the glass corridor, visitors get the opportunity to observe the environment of sharks, rays, corals and other creatures in a tank filled with 500.000 liters of water. In consideration of the great interest, visitors have the chance to experience shark feedings twice a week, during which they can watch from the glass corridor while the more than two meters long sand tiger shark consumes its breakfast.

The Tropical Rainforest is situated above the Oceanarium. When entering, visitors immediately meet Europe’s largest Komodo dragon breeding pair, but they can also reach the orangutan exhibit and the Cave of Fear by crossing the suspension bridge. After passing by the waterfall hurtling down from an altitude of 10 meters, visitors can discover the special collection of thrillingly beautiful reptiles.


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