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 Bath House
Bath House

Built according to the design of István Pazár, it was operated since 1911 with a water piping system and 8 rooms as well as 6 baths, then, after 30 years of torture, it was opened again in 2000 for those willing to recovery and rest.

In the place of the former cabins – in which there used to be wooden baths filled with the thermal water of the lake – today there are a pool with healing water, a whirlpool and a sauna. Besides thermal water, you can enjoy refreshing and healing massage as well.

Opposite the building you can find the renovated old water tower, in which an information office is operating. In Sóstó there are several restaurants and clubs, but the approximity of and the easy access to the city may help you get to know the day and night life of Nyíregyháza as well.

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