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 Aquarius Spa
Aquarius Spa

Aquarius Spa and Wellness Centre opened at the end of October 2005 in Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő

In the territory of the Sóstó Park Spa, a new complex facility is going to be built within the framework of the tourism development program of the Széchenyi Plan on an area of 1,7 hectares. The objective of the project is to develop the present open-air Park Spa to a new, covered adventure bath operating throughout the year, which:

  • complementing the presently available services, will provide preventive, health-preserving and wellness services based on thermal water and natural healing,
  • will ensure a unique and luring offer of high attractiveness with spare-time and adventure elements,
  • will set up a multi-functional bath in line with the bathing traditions of the region, providing a platform for family programs, ensuring relaxation for different generations together.
Functional structure and services of the spa:

Entrance The main entrance of the building is located by the mall around the lakes with ground stones and green areas and chanting plants. At the entrance room visitors can find reception, safes and cashiers' with an entry system and a shop. Dressing rooms with hair dryers are available from the entrance room.

In the building of the spa, galleries over the pools show a view to the natural beauty of Sóstó and the lakes. A self-service restaurant and a tropical bar serve guests.

The spa is accessible for physically handicapped people.

Thermal World:
Adults and the elderly can relax and regenerate when taking the services of Thermal World. Internal and external thermal pools wait for the guests with neck showers, massage beds, back massage. Besides these, sauna world, a kneipp pool and a shower bath serve visitors during their stay.

  • covered thermal pool with bottom-blower bed, 6 neck showers (34-36 °C)
  • covered whirlpool with air-blowing sitting bath (34-36 °C)
Kneipp pool:
  • cold-water pool: (16-20 °C)
  • hot-water pool: (38-40 °C)
Relaxation treatments for guests:
  • whirlpool
  • sports massage
  • refreshing massage
  • sole-reflex massage
  • face massage
  • chocolate massage
  • infra sauna, solarium

An adventure park was built for the youth where a wave pool, wild water stream channel with water curtain and a cave, also several great slides are expecting the brave.

  • wave pool (28-30 °C)
  • kamikaze water slide
  • family slide
  • great slide
  • black hole slide
  • wild water stream channel with water streams, water curtain and a cave (28-30 °C)
Pools connected to the slides:
  • receiving pool of the slides: (27-29 °C)
  • slide tower receiving pool: (27-29 °C)

Children's pool:
The youngest are served with a pool, slides, a tale castle, a resting room and other adventures.

  • children's pool with 3 grades of water depth (30-32 °C)
  • play castle with jungle gyms,
  • arch slide, racing slide, elephant slide
  • squirts
  • tropical resting room

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