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Sóstógyógyfürdő, Sóstófürdő and Sóstó Spa in Nyíregyháza

Sóstó forest is located between Nyíregyháza and Sóstógyógyfürdő what the inhabitants called the lungs of the city. Children, young people, elderly people, families, groups, walkers, runners and athletes are gladly visit the forest. There are playground for children with shelters, barbecue sites and promenades. The forest is also popular because of the famously intense acacia aroma in the air especially in spring, and it gives more experiences if you lean out of the train's window. Although several city has a part called Sóstó (salt-water), but the locals associate of the forest, the lake, the zoo, spa complexes and others facilities.
The "name giver" is 9,5 hectares salt-water lake, divided into two parts and its average depth is 1,5 metres. Special healing powder was attributed to its water from the middle ages, it was known at the age of Matthias king as Igrice. It was classified as medicinal thermal water suitable for spinal disorders, rheumatic and gynaecological symptoms, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and for aftercare.

The city's women got permission in 1794 to wash clothes in Sóstó. Three decades after the first bath house and restaurant built. Soon word got around the healing power of the water and the charming entertainment so it had more and more admirers.

The proof of the thermal water and forests attractiveness is the "Svájci Lak (Swiss Lodge)" which was built in 1866 in Alpine-style and its atmosphere is still preserve.

The citizens, artists, bohemians favourite meeting place was the "Krúdy Szálló" (built in 1911) and its terrace, and the historic water tower next to it.

The improvement of traffic conditions made available Sóstó for every people. Between 1905-1911 the small railway construction project, and in 1927 the civil engineering work ripped apart the previously untouched forest body. Nyíregyháza discovered its rarely visited treasure.

One side of the lake was formed to beach at the end of the 1930s. On the other side a boating house operated in summer.

In the island is often staged fireworks with high-sounding names - "Star fall" - so people attracted out to the lake.

Its fame increased as it declared as medicinal bath in 1927. A new chapter began in Sóstógyógyfürdő's history in the late 50's, when the salt water lake couldn't satisfy the needs of the population, and discovered that 50-degree thermal water under the earth lies. Every day hundreds of people eagerly awaited the result of the drilling's in 1957. The consequences of a successful exploration are well known: Spa Park was built and it continuously became more and more beautiful. Thousands of tourist come here every year because of the water. To meet the demands, hotels, campings and entertainment facilities were built. The wealthier families didn't want to left so more and more people moved to Sóstó spa area.

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